What Are Some Common Complaints Against Texas SuperFood?


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The common complaints raised against Texas SuperFood are that it is highly priced, and that the product's label does not clearly disclose its nutritional composition. As a result of the inadequate labeling, the exact percentage of each of the 55 ingredients is not known, as GreenDrinkReviews.org notes.

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The 180-gram product consists of more than 55 natural, nutrient-rich ingredients, as claimed by the manufacturer, NuPlexa. However, the exact percentage composition of each of the ingredients is not indicated on the product labels, which is a grave concern to consumers. The tendency to avoid labeling the product gives the implication that the nutrients in the product are not well balanced, as claimed by GreenDrinkReviews.org. The product label also fails to substantiate how the nutrients were obtained. Consumers are left guessing whether the product is organic or made from juice extracts.

As of 2015, the price of the 180-gram bottle of Texas SuperFood is $79.95, making it one of the most expensive green foods available, as GreenDrinkReviews.org observes. As implied by the product label, a single serving of Texas SuperFood approximately costs more than $4, making it a costly option. Considering that the nutritional composition of the product is not known, consumers often fear spending too much money on a low-value product.

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