What Are Some Common Claims From Tummy Tuck Reviews?


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Common claims from tummy tuck reviews at the website for NewBeauty Magazine are that the individuals who have undergone the surgery now have a flat stomach or have been able to return to their pre-pregnancy shape and size. Other reviewers claim faded scars and complete recovery within three months.

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Other claims that are often made in tummy tuck reviews on the NewBeauty website are related to shorter than expected recovery times and the ability to return to pre-op levels of activities and exercise within weeks or even days of surgery. Those that post about quick recovery times tend to have been fitter before the surgery and had only undergone the tuck rather than fat removal.

When additional procedures were carried out, the recovery tends to be longer and claims of pain and complications increase, based on reviews on NewBeauty. The most common negative claims stated on tummy tuck reviews focus on longer than expected recovery times, high levels of pain following the surgery, and surgeries that have needed to be redone.

Claims of poor surgery or malpractice are much rarer on the NewBeauty ratings and review pages, and the majority of dissatisfied people are displeased with the results of the procedure, rather than the procedure itself. Those considering tummy tuck surgery should think through the decision and carefully check the credentials of the surgeon chosen to perform the procedure.

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