What Are the Most Common Children's Diseases?


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Common children’s diseases include respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, ear infection, croup, and hand-foot-and-mouth disease, states WebMD. Parents should consult their child's pediatrician to receive proper diagnoses and treatments.

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RVS is the top cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in young children in the United States, and symptoms include a cough, fever and runny nose, notes WebMD. An ear infection occurs from blockage and inflammation, which can trap fluid in the middle ear and facilitate germ multiplication.

Inflammation in the upper airway may cause croup, a disease characterized by a cough that sounds like a barking seal, explains WebMD. The virus that causes hand-foot-and-mouth disease tends to spread during summer and early fall, causing fever, as well as blisters on the buttocks, the palms of the hands and the inside of the mouth.

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