What Are Some Common Childhood Disorders?


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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression and conduct disorder are common childhood disorders, according to Alabama Psychiatric Services. Anxiety disorders, pervasive development disorders and eating disorders are other common mental health conditions in children, states WebMD.

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Children with ADHD always move around, act impulsively and find it hard to focus on or accomplish tasks, explains APS. They experience impaired functioning at home and in school, and they also struggle in building relationships with peers. In young children suffering depression, common symptoms include worrying that a parent might die, clinging to parents, declining to attend school and pretending to be sick. Older depressed children typically sulk, act negatively and get involved with trouble at school.

Children with conduct disorder generally show troublesome or aggressive actions for several months, notes APS. They harm themselves, threaten other people or animals, damage properties, steal and lie. They also usually skip school and engage in vices, such as drinking alcohol, smoking or using drugs.

Children suffering from anxiety disorders are fearful and apprehensive toward particular situations, and they show physical signs of anxiety, such as sweating and a fast heartbeat, says WebMD. Those with pervasive development disorders experience confusion and difficulty in comprehending their surroundings, while children with eating disorders have intense emotions and bizarre behaviors related to food or weight.

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