What Are Some Common Causes and Treatments for Hand Cramps?


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Common causes of hand cramps include damage to the structures of the hand, injury, prolonged exercise, certain medications and certain diseases, according to Healthgrades. Treatments for hand cramps include taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications and applying cold or hot compression, states Healthline.

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Deficiencies of calcium and magnesium and high levels of phosphate in the body can trigger hand cramps, notes Healthgrades. Other causes include pregnancy, anxiety as a result of hyperventilation and damage to nerves that link with hand muscles.

If left untreated, hand cramps due to dehydration can be life-endangering, states Healthgrades. Diabetes, a condition that affects sugar levels in the body, and dystonia, which occurs when muscles contract for a long time, may also cause cramps. Other disorders that can cause hand cramps include severe kidney disease, thyroid disorders and peripheral neuropathy.

A person suffering from hand cramps should use a heating pad or a hot cloth to perform a hot compression, advises Healthline. For cold compression, the patient should use ice or a cold cloth. In addition to anti-inflammatory medications, a doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers or supplements to alleviate the problem. Drinking plenty of liquids to hydrate the body, warming up before exercise and avoiding strenuous exercises may aid in preventing hand cramps.

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