What Are Some Common Causes of Swollen Testicles?


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Common causes of swollen testicles include hernias, infections, injuries and certain medical treatments, including surgery in the groin area, according to MedlinePlus. Testicular cancer and congestive heart failure may also cause testicles to swell.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Swollen Testicles?
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Manage mild swelling within the first 24 hours by applying an ice pack to the swollen area, and then taking a sitz bath afterward, suggests MedlinePlus. Avoid unnecessary physical activity, and wear a loose-fitting athletic supporter until the swelling dissipates. Reduce more severe swelling and pain by rolling a paper towel and placing it just under the scrotum between the legs. Seek medical attention for severe swelling and pain of the testicles. Also, report testicular swelling to a physician if the origin of the swelling is unknown, the swelling is painful, or a lump develops on the testicle.

Other symptoms that mandate medical intervention include a change in the color of one or both testicles to purple or red, notes WebMD. Consult a physician if there is blood in the semen, if the testicle feels heavy, or if the swelling is accompanied by nausea, vomiting or painful bowel movements or urination. Additionally, contact a doctor for general groin pain or pain during intercourse. Such symptoms are signs of a bacterial or viral infection that requires immediate attention.

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