What Are Some Common Causes of a Swollen Face?


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Facial swelling has many possible causes, including infection, allergic reactions and trauma, explains Healthgrades. Common causes of a swollen face include cellulitis, sinusitis, certain medications, surgery and dental abscess, states Healthline. Sty, allergic reaction to food or drugs, and eye infection, including conjunctivitis, may also result in facial swelling.

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Applying pressure on the face while sleeping and injury may cause the swelling, notes Healthline. Allergic reactions to certain drugs, hay, cosmetics, insect bites and pollen may result in a swollen face, notes Healthgrades.

Facial swelling that results from allergic reaction may come along with symptoms of anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock, so patients should consult a doctor in case of such conditions, notes Healthline. The symptoms include problems with breathing, speaking or swallowing, anxiety, lightheadedness or rash. Severe symptoms that need immediate doctor's attention include fast pulse and breathing rate as well as low blood pressure.

Obesity, fluid retention, extreme malnutrition, trauma and hereditary angioedema can cause facial swelling, explains Healthgrades. Other causes include organ failure, reactions due to blood transfusion and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, which is swelling and high blood pressure. Serious problems that may result from the underlying causes of swelling include spread of infection to other areas in the body, difficulty seeing and the need for skin removal.

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