What Are Common Causes of Skin Rash on Babies?


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The most common causes of skin rashes in babies include milia, scabies, miliaria, impetigo and eczema, says NHS Choices. Other causes include nappy rash, cradle cap, erythema toxicum, urticaria and slapped cheek syndrome.

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Milia are blocked pores that normally clear after four weeks of life, whereas erythema toxicum is a normal newborn rash that clears a few days after birth, reports NHS Choices. Neonatal acne commonly appears on the baby’s cheeks, forehead and nose. Neonatal acne usually clears after few weeks or months. Cradle cap is common on babies’ scalps and develops at least two months after birth. Normally it clears up without treatment. Eczema affects babies allergic to milk and eggs who are less than 6 months old.

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