What Are the Most Common Causes of Skin Allergies?


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Common causes of skin allergies include fragrances, nickel, latex, poison ivy or oak, clothing materials, and beauty products, including perfumes and hair dye, according to Everyday Health. Allergic reactions to perfumes and fragrances are very common among adults.

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Fragrances that cause these reactions are found in shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent and room sprays, as Everyday Health explains. Sometimes, products labeled as "unscented" contain a fragrance that is meant to block fragrances, and these products may also cause skin irritations.

Nickel is commonly used to make jewelry and other accessories, such as watches, eyeglasses, zippers, buttons and buckles. People who have a nickel sensitivity may opt for nylon fasteners, states Everyday Health. Latex is found in rubber gloves, condoms and other rubber products, such as balloons, waistbands in clothing and rubber bands. Latex allergies may cause rashes and itchy eyes, but serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and vomiting, may also occur.

Contact dermatitis is a common allergic reaction to hair dyes that contain para-phenylenediamine, which is mixed with peroxide. Everyday Health advises following patch testing instructions on the hair dye package when dyeing hair at home. The same potentially harmful chemicals are also found in many temporary henna tattoo products.

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