What Are the Most Common Causes of Nausea?


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Nausea occurs due to problems in parts of the body such as the brain, spinal fluid, abdominal and pelvic organs, and balance centers in the inner ear, reports Drugs.com. Other causes include overeating, gallbladder disease, food poisoning and excessive alcohol intake or ingestion of toxins, notes WebMD.

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Abdominal conditions that cause nausea include gastroesophageal reflux, irritation of the stomach or pelvic organs, blockage of the intestines and irritation of the liver or pancreas. Most of these problems are viral infections, according to Drugs.com.

Nausea can occur from the brain and spinal problems such as meningitis, head injury, headaches and bleeding around the brain, says Drugs.com. Triggers such as exposure to unpleasant sights or odors and significant emotional distress are also common sources.

Nausea is a stomach condition that precedes vomiting, which is a voluntary or involuntary emptying of the stomach contents through the mouth. The causes of vomiting differ with age and timing. In children, typical causes include food poisoning, overeating and milk allergy. Nausea that appears shortly after a meal may be an indication of an ulcer or gastritis, which is the inflammation of the stomach lining, states WebMD. Patients should seek medical attention in cases where symptoms such as high fever, chest pain, blurred vision and severe abdominal pain accompany nausea, notes Mayo Clinic.

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