What Are Some Common Causes of Male Groin Pain?


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Male groin pain is caused by a wide array of issues including ligament, muscle or tendon strain to the groin area, according to Mayo Clinic. Kidney stones, a fracture or hernia may also cause pain in this area. Additional causes include fluid buildup in the testicle, cancer and osteoarthritis.

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Other possible causes include mumps, a pinched nerve, a urinary tract infection or swollen lymph nodes, explains Mayo Clinic. Limited blood flow to the area can cause death of bone tissue, or pain may also be caused by a twisted testicle. Additionally, pain may also be caused by a retractile testicle, scrotal masses, sciatica or enlarged veins in the scrotum.

See a doctor immediately if groin pain occurs along with pain in the chest, abdomen or back, states Mayo Clinic. Pain that occurs suddenly and is severe, or pain that occurs along with nausea, chills, fever or blood in the urine also requires medical attention right away. However, groin pain that is due to a sprain or strain may be treated at home with an ice pack and over-the-counter pain medication. Individuals with groin pain that lasts more than a few days or does not improve with home treatment should make an appointment with a physician.

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