What Are Some Common Causes of Leg Calf Pain?


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Common causes of calf pain include calf muscle strain, leg cramps, Achilles tendonitis and Baker's cysts, as stated by About.com. Blood clots can also cause calf pain.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Leg Calf Pain?
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Acute onset calf muscle pain most commonly results from a muscle strain, and the medial gastrocnemius is the most commonly injured part of the calf, according to About.com. A medial gastrocnemius strain often causes pain that centers at the medial head of the muscle. Symptoms of a calf strain may also include bruising and swelling. When leg cramps are the cause of calf pain, symptoms are generally not constant, and patients can find relief with heat application and stretching. Achilles tendonitis generally causes pain in the muscular portion of the calf, but a rupture of the Achilles tendon causes pain closer to the heel.

A Baker's cyst is a collection of knee joint fluid that causes pain at the back of the leg when it ruptures, as confirmed by About.com. Blood clots in the lower legs are more likely to form following an injury, and they often cause swelling in addition to pain. If an individual is concerned about calf pain or if pain is severe, he should make an appointment with a doctor for evaluation and treatment.

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