What Are Some Common Causes of Leg Aches and Pains?

What Are Some Common Causes of Leg Aches and Pains?

Leg aches and pains can be caused by dehydration, injury, muscle strain and certain infections. Leg pain refers to a dull or severe painful sensation in any part of the leg, notes Healthline.

Leg pain is quite common and in most cases not a serious cause for alarm, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. This condition can affect anyone regardless of age and gender. However, the elderly, individuals with certain medical conditions and those who engage in strenuous activities are at a greater risk of experiencing leg pain.

Dehydration or going for long periods of time without consuming fluids can be one cause of leg pain. This often occurs because certain parts of the body do not get adequate amounts of fluid. To remedy this condition, individuals should consume plenty of fluids, including water and fresh fruit juices.

Engaging in activities that require a lot of energy may lead to leg pain. This often occurs because the muscles in the legs are overused. The remedies for leg pain caused by muscle strain include the use of ice packs, rest and physical therapy. Standing in a given position for a long time can equally be a cause of leg pain.

Individuals with conditions such as peripheral vascular disease, sciatica and osteoporosis may equally have to contend with leg pain. Doctors can diagnose such conditions and prescribe certain medications or procedures to provide relief.