What Are Some of the Common Causes of Left Foot Pain?


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Common causes of left foot pain include problems with bones, ligaments or muscles in the foot, WebMD explains. Other causes could include pain from toenail beds, fascia, nerves and blood vessels.

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Injuries are some of the most common causes of foot pain, notes the Mayo Clinic. People who overuse their feet are more likely to experience foot pain. Inflammation around the bones, ligaments and tendons in the foot result in pain. People who have arthritis experience foot pain, especially around joints. If pain includes burning sensations or accompanies numbness or tingling, it is usually a sign of nerve damage.

To find the cause of foot pain, identify the pain's location, suggests WebMD. The most common cause of pain in the heel is plantar fasciitis. When the tissues connecting the heel to the toes become inflamed, it causes heel and arch pain that is usually at its worst in the morning. Pain in the ball of the foot, commonly called metatarsalgia, has causes that include wearing ill-fitting shoes, running and jumping. Flat feet can cause arch pain, and shoe inserts, physical therapy and surgery can fix this problem.

While these are common symptoms and causes of conditions related to foot pain, the Mayo Clinic suggests consulting with a doctor to find the accurate cause of pain in the left foot.

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