What Are Some Common Causes of Jaw Pain?


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Causes of jaw pain include certain inflammatory conditions, infections and autoimmune processes, according to Healthgrades. Dental conditions, including tooth abscess, tooth decay, dry socket and impacted tooth, may also cause jaw pain.

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Improper alignment of the teeth; wear and tear on the jaw joint and surrounding areas as a result of aging; jaw fracture or dislocation; teeth grinding; and bone infection may cause jaw pain, explains Healthgrades. Inadequate supply of blood to the area surrounding the jaw bone, temporomandibular joint disorder and sinusitis may also lead to pain. Trigeminal neuralgia, headache and inflammation of the thyroid gland are other causes of jaw pain.

In some cases, neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, oral cancer and heart attack may result in jaw pain, states Healthgrades. If left untreated, jaw pain may cause poor nutrition as a result of trouble eating or jaw replacement. Symptoms that may occur along with jaw pain include tooth, neck or shoulder pain; swelling in areas that surround the jaw; facial fatigue; headache; and fever. Difficulty opening the mouth, ear pain, numbness in the tongue and dizziness may also accompany the pain. A person who experiences difficulty breathing or swallowing, nausea, vomiting, chest pressure that extends to other areas, or locked jaw should seek immediate medical attention.

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