What Are Common Causes of Getting a Slipped Disc?


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Slipped discs are generally wear-and-tear injuries caused by normal aging, although injuries, trauma or working in a physically demanding job that necessitates a lot of lifting puts individuals at heightened risk for the condition, according to Healthline. Discs can slip out of place during a turning or twisting motion or when straining to lift a heavy or large object.

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What Are Common Causes of Getting a Slipped Disc?
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People who are overweight are at a greater risk for slipped discs, since the discs must support more weight. Leading a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise weakens the muscles and may cause a disc slippage.

During aging, discs lose some protective water content, which is why people age 35 to 45 are more apt to develop slipped discs. Men are more likely to develop slipped discs than women.

Slipped discs can cause permanent nerve damage if left untreated. In fact, in some rare slipped disc cases, the nerve impulses to the legs and lower back may be cut off, which can result in loss of bladder or bowel control. Saddle anesthesia can also occur. This is a disorder characterized by loss of feeling in the rectum, back of the legs and the inner thighs.

Although some slipped discs may get better on their own, they can also get worse. Treatment for slipped discs should commence as soon as possible after the condition is diagnosed.

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