What Are the Most Common Causes of Facial Flushing?


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The most common causes of facial flushing include rosacea, extreme emotions or spicy food, according to MedlinePlus. Other causes of flushing include the use of alcohol, taking certain medications, menopause, high fever or carcinoid syndrome.

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Flushing is treatable by avoiding any items that cause the change in skin color, such as spicy foods or hot drinks, explains MedlinePlus. If this does not help to ease the flushing, a person may want to seek medical attention. If the flushing is persistent and the person also has diarrhea, it is necessary to see a doctor. Although blushing and flushing are normal reactions of the body, these symptoms may indicate other issues that could possibly require medical treatment.

When seeing a doctor for facial flushing, a physical exam is necessary, and the doctor may ask the patient about symptoms and medical history, MedlinePlus advises. The doctor may also ask a series of questions including where the flushing is occurring and if the patient also has hot flashes with the flushing. A doctor might also ask questions about how often the flushing occurs, if it is becoming more frequent and if drinking alcohol affects redness in the face. Patients should also tell their doctors about other symptoms that are occurring along with the flushing, such as hives, wheezing or difficulty breathing.

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