What Are Some Common Causes of Dizziness?


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Some common causes of dizziness are heart rhythm disorders and infections or disorders of the inner ear, according to Mayo Clinic. Other causes are neurological disorders, a sudden drop in blood pressure and an adverse reaction to a drug,

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What Are Some Common Causes of Dizziness?
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There are several kinds of dizziness, according to Mayo Clinic. Vertigo is a sensation that the room is spinning, posits WebMD. Vertigo is the result of changes in the balancing mechanism in the inner ear, says Mayo Clinic. Its cause could be acute vestibular neuritis, an inflammation of the nerves in the inner ear. Other causes of vertigo are Meniere's disease, which is an accumulation of fluid in the inner ear. A migraine headache also causes vertigo in some people.

Another type of dizziness is lightheadedness, says Mayo Clinic. The person doesn't pass out, but may grow pale or ashen. The skin is clammy, and the person may also be nauseous. This results from a sudden drop in blood pressure, and it often happens if a person stands up too quickly from a prone or seated position. A cardiovascular condition where the heart simply doesn't pump enough blood is also a cause lightheadedness.

Loss of balance is another type of dizziness, claims Mayo Clinic. This is also caused by an inner ear problem, medications or disorders of the nervous system.

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