What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Divorce?


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Some of the most common causes for divorce are disagreements on finances, emotional abuse, physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse and unrealistic expectations. Other issues are loss of attraction, lack of intimacy, and infidelity that manifests itself through emotional cheating or actual adultery. Experts estimate that the leading cause of divorce, however, is general incompatibility, which is estimated to be the reason why nearly half of all divorces occur.

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Incompatibility is often caused by couples who rush into marriage for the wrong reasons. When couples get married hastily because of family pressures, societal pressures, their age or finances, incompatibility is more likely to be discovered only after the marriage ceremony. Conversely, couples who date for a significant amount of time before marriage are less likely to discover incompatibility issues following their wedding.

Marriage experts believe that many problems that lead to divorce can be avoided with proper communication that consists of not only talking, but also listening. By spending time together and learning to communicate with one another, spouses can learn to understand and be more considerate of their partners. Communication also helps avoid divorce by creating intimacy, providing a healthy outlet for spouses to disagree with each another, and reducing the likelihood of infidelity.

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