What Are the Most Common Causes of Collarbone Pain?


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Collarbone pain is caused by injury to the bone itself, injury to the supporting structures, fractured joints and acromio-clavicular ligament injuries, according to Health Hype. Other common causes include bone tumors, sterno-clavicle joint dislocation and clavicle arthritis.

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A broken bone is normally felt or seen in the upper part of the chest, according to About.com. It occurs to children and adults from a shoulder fall or after a road accident. When a broken collarbone is not supported, it causes injuries to the supporting structures. Additionally, pain in the supporting structures occurs when an injured person is transported without clavicle braces.

When jagged bone edges penetrate the skin, they cause a compound injury, which is a fracture and an open wound, as Health Hype explains. Acromio-clavicular ligament tear is caused by mild injuries, such as sprains, without actual ligament tears. When cells divide abnormally and uncontrollably, they form a lump of tissue, which causes a painful tumor to form in the bone.

Collarbone pain can be caused by a sterno-clavicular joint dislocation, as Health Hype indicates. This occurs mostly in athletes who fall accidentally or are hit during running. In children, it occurs after accidents and constant falling during toddler movement. Osteoarthritis on the shoulder mostly occurs due to old age, but an injury such as dislocated shoulder can cause the pain even in younger people.

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