What Are Some Common Causes of Body Itch?

Causes of body itch include skin dryness, internal diseases, skin conditions, disorders of the nervous system and allergies, according to Mayo Clinic. Pregnancy and certain medications, including those that treat narcotic pain and antibiotics, are other possible causes of body itch.

Typically, itching due to dry skin does not result in considerable skin change such as bright, red bumps, notes Mayo Clinic. Common causes of dry skin leading to itching include exposure to hot or cold weather accompanied with low humidity, excessive bathing, and prolonged air conditioner use. Itching due to internal disease attacks the whole body in most cases, causing scratches. Liver disease, iron deficiency anemia, celiac disease, and cancerous conditions such as lymphoma are some of the internal diseases that may cause body itch.

Nervous system disorders that may cause body itch include diabetes mellitus, shingles and multiple sclerosis, states Mayo Clinic. Allergens such as chemicals and soaps may cause skin irritation, leading to itching. Other allergens that may result in itchy skin include food and cosmetics.

Itching is a skin irritation that causes urge for scratching the affected area, reports Mayo Clinic. This condition may or may not cause noticeable changes on the affected skin, based on the underlying cause. It is advisable to seek medical care when the condition persists, in order to receive early diagnosis and treatment. This helps to avoid complications such as scarring and skin injury.