What Are the Common Cancer Symptoms in Men?


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Common cancer symptoms in men include abnormal lumps, indigestion, persistent cough, unexplained weight loss or pain, and regular fatigue, states The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Changes in testicle size, bathroom habits, and skin or mouth health may also point to cancer.

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Changes in restroom habits can be symptoms of cancer, states WebMD. For example, the need to urinate more frequently or the inability to urinate smoothly may both be symptomatic of prostate cancer. Changes in testicle size or heaviness can be indicative of testicular cancer. Changes in the skin, such as the size, color or shape of a mole or new spot, are common signs of skin cancer. Changes in the mouth or head area can also point to certain types of cancer. While swollen lymph nodes normally occur as a result of a sore throat or cold, persistently swollen nodes can be caused by some types of cancers. White or red patches in the mouth can be signs of mouth cancer, and men who smoke or chew tobacco should pay special attention to these areas.

Long-lasting changes or problems that include unexplained weight loss, pain, fatigue or cough can be indicative of cancer, states WebMD. This includes feeling constantly fatigued even with plenty of rest or having a persistent cough that lasts for more than a month.

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