What Are Some Common Bone Disorders?

What Are Some Common Bone Disorders?

Some common bone disorders include fractures, arthritis, curvatures of the spine and osteoporosis, according to WebMD, MedicineNet and Mayo Clinic. There are several types of broken bones, according to WebMD. They are displaced, non-displaced, closed and open.

If the fracture is displaced, the broken ends of the bone do not align, says WebMD. In a non-displaced fracture, the broken ends line up. The bone may not be broken all the way through. In a closed fracture, the skin is not breached, but in an open fracture, the bone pierces the skin.

Osteoarthritis occurs because the cushioning cartilage between the joints begins to break down, according to MedicineNet. This sometimes causes pain, stiffness in the affected joint and inflammation. There are also other types of arthritis that cause joint pain and swelling, including rheumatoid arthritis, gout and pseudogout. Even lupus is considered a form of arthritis. Like rheumatoid arthritis, it is an autoimmune disease.

A normal spine is gently curved and centered in the middle of the back, says WebMD. However, a spine with curvature problems include scoliosis, in which the spine is curved sideways, lordosis, in which the lower back has an exaggerated inward curvem and kyphosis, in which the upper back is abnormally curved.

In osteoporosis, bones grow brittle and weak, states Mayo Clinic. They can become so brittle that they break with very little effort. Most of these breaks are in the spine, the hip or the wrist. Post-menopausal women are most at risk for osteoporosis.