What Are Some Common Blood Lab Tests?

Some common types of blood lab tests include complete blood count, blood chemistry tests, blood enzyme tests and blood tests to assess heart disease risks. Blood tests help in disease determination, prevention and treatment, notes Life Extension.

The Complete Blood Count test, or CBC, is among the most common blood tests in a laboratory. This test is used to determine if a patient has a blood-related condition or disorder. It examines the different components of blood, including platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells and hemoglobin. Doctors use this test to diagnose conditions such as anemia, blood cancer, clotting problems, infections and immune system complications.

The Basic Metabolic Panel, or BMP, is actually a group of tests that are used to examine the chemical properties in the blood, states the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Unlike a CBC, this test only uses the plasma component of blood. Doctors use the test to diagnose conditions affecting the bones, muscles, liver and other internal body organs. Some of the chemical properties involved in these tests include electrolytes, calcium and blood glucose.

Blood enzyme tests examine various aspects of enzymes within the body. Enzymes are chemicals produced by the body to control chemical reactions. Examples of enzymes include troponin and creatine kinase.