What Are Some Common Angina Symptoms in Men?


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Common symptoms of angina in men include chest pain; pain in the arms, shoulder or back; nausea; shortness of breath; and fatigue, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms of angina in men include dizziness and sweating.

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What Are Some Common Angina Symptoms in Men?
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The discomfort and chest pain that occurs with angina comes in a number of forms, including pressure, fullness and squeezing, as Mayo Clinic explains. Some men explain the pain as feeling as if a weight is on the chest or as if a vise is squeezing the body, while others may feel heartburn symptoms. The severity, type and duration of angina may vary, and it is important for individuals to recognize if chest discomfort is unusual or due to an underlying condition. New symptoms may indicate an unstable form of angina or a heart attack.

Stable angina is the more common form of angina, and it often only occurs with physical exertion, explains Mayo Clinic. Usually, stable angina goes away when the person rests. Many people report a flare up of angina when climbing stairs or exercising, and sufferers of angina can often predict when the pain of angina occurs. These instances of angina typically last a short time, usually less than five minutes, and disappear quickly with angina medication or rest.

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