What Are Some Common After Affects of a Stroke?


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Common effects a person suffers after a stroke could include muscle weakness, joint pain and muscle stiffness, according to WebMD. The extent of the effects depends on which part of the brain is affected by the stroke and how severe the stroke was.

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If a person has a stroke on the left part of her brain, then one could see paralysis on the right side of the body, speech and language problems, memory loss, and a slow, more cautious behavioral style, according to the American Stroke Association. Likewise, a stroke on the right part of the brain could cause paralysis on the left side of the body and memory loss as well. Additionally, a person could experience vision problems and a more quick, intuitive behavioral style. A person experiencing a stroke in the brain stem may be unable to move anything from the neck down.

Some people also experience problems with touch, states WebMD. A person's sense of hot and cold may decrease, and a person could also lose awareness of where her limbs are. Numbness and tingling are other common conditions people experience after having a stroke. Some people also experience problems swallowing and eating, along with problems coordinating muscle movements. Finally, after a person has a stroke, she may develop urinary and bowel problems, such as not being able to hold in urine or experiencing constipation.

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