Which Commendable Websites Show Pictures of HIV Warts?


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Healthline offers images of HIV warts as well as other skin lesions that occur as a result of the virus. HIV warts are usually flesh colored and may bleed depending on their location. These warts can be surgically removed but may return in people with HIV.

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Skin lesions are more common in HIV patients because the immune system, which is weakened by the virus, controls all parts of the body, including the skin, explains Healthline. The number of skin lesions a patient contracts depends on the effectiveness of the HIV treatment he receives. Therefore, skin problems may be a sign that the treatment plan needs to be adjusted.

Besides warts, HIV can cause a variety of other skin problems, according to Healthline. One of these is herpes, or red blisters that show up on the mouth or genitals. Oral hairy leukoplakia shows up as white spots on the tongue and is a direct result of a weakened immune system. Psoriasis occurs when skin cells reproduce more quickly than they should, resulting in silvery scales on the skin that can turn red and inflamed. Thrush is a fungal condition that causes white spots all over the mouth and usually returns in HIV patients even after treatment.

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