What Comfort Foods Can People With Celiac Disease Eat?


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People with celiac disease can eat comfort foods that do not contain gluten. Prevention suggests gluten-free comfort foods including breakfast egg biscuits, mini pizzas, green bean casserole and chicken nuggets. Other comfort foods that are safe for celiac patients include biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, beef sandwiches, and chicken and dumplings.

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People with celiac disease should avoid all foods containing wheat, rye, oats and barley, according to WebMD, but can eat comfort foods that contain alternative starches instead. In addition to regular all-purpose, enriched and white flours, celiac patients should avoid foods containing durum, semolina and farina, which are all wheat-based.

WebMD recommends safe alternative starches such as millet, rice, almond and sorghum. Others include quinoa, corn and buckwheat. Recipes that traditionally contain wheat flour can instead use flours made from any alternative starch, such as buckwheat flour or almond flour.

Prevention provides comfort food recipes that utilize alternative starches, including chicken and dumplings utilizing almond meal as the binding agent in the dumplings. Other examples include the almond focaccia used in Prevention's comfort beef sandwiches and the almond meal used in the chocolate chip cookie recipe. The biscotti integrates both coconut flour and almond meal, while the chicken nuggets feature ground golden flaxseed as the breading instead of traditional bread crumbs.

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