How Do You Combat Belly Fat?


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Use a combination of exercise, natural supplements and smart lifestyle changes to combat belly fat. Although spot-reducing fat is difficult, losing weight all over ultimately leads to the loss of belly fat as well.

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According to Web MD, four keys to losing belly fat are proper diet, adequate exercise, stress management and sleep. Adopting a low-fat, high-fiber diet that is full of fruits and vegetables is recommended to help fight belly fat fast. Some nutritious foods that battle the bulge are almonds, avocado, fish and cherries. Taking natural supplements of olive oil, safflower oil or fish oil can also be effective. Patients who suffer from bloating can take magnesium supplements to help lower glucose levels and reduce fluid retention, both of which contribute to the loss of belly fat. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night allows the body to burn extra fat while a person rests. High stress levels are proven to produce cortisol, which can contribute to the appearance of belly fat.

Engaging in regular cardiovascular training for half an hour at least three times a week is advised. Aerobics, yoga and cycling are exercises that combat stomach fat. Incorporating weight training into a workout also helps blast belly fat. Wearing a sauna suit or a slimming belt during a workout can also help slim the belly.

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