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RxMed states that Combantrin, whose generic form is named pyrantel, is a medication used for treating incidences of gastrointestinal parasites, such as threadworm, roundworm and hookworm. The drug interferes with the neuromuscular function of parasites, which inhibits their ability to hold their position and causes them to be expelled from the body.

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RxMed explains that the drug effectively gets rid of certain types of intestinal parasites. It is to be administered in a single oral dose based on the patient's body weight, specifically 11 milligrams of the drug per kilogram of body weight.

The Combantrin website explains that the drug is effective against threadworms and rare worms in a single dose. The drug serves as a neuromuscular blocking agent that paralyzes these worms. Once the worms are unable to move, they are eliminated from the body through the feces. The drug also contains mebendazole, which causes worms to lose energy and die by preventing them from absorbing glucose.

The site further explains that Combantrin primarily treats adult worms in the intestine at the time the medication is taken. The drug does not treat the eggs or immature worms and does not protect a person from contracting threadworms when exposed again. To ensure that a second dose is not necessary, it is important to check for worms again two to four weeks after the first dose.

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