What Colour Is Healthy Urine Meant to Be?


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Healthy urine ranges in color from pale yellow to a dark amber color depending on how much the person is drinking, according to Mayo Clinic. The more water in a person's system, the lighter the color of the urine.

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Certain conditions can cause urine color to become abnormal, claims Mayo Clinic. For example, urine that is green, red, orange, cloudy white or dark brown is cause for concern. Green urine, or urine that has a blue color, may have a minor cause, such as dye from the food an individual ate. It also may be caused by certain medications or conditions such as familial hypercalcemia.

Red urine may cause concern, but in most cases, it is not dangerous, explains Mayo Clinic. Red urine may mean there is blood in the urine, for instance, often caused by infections, cysts or other conditions; it may also be caused by medications or food, such as blackberries or beets. Orange urine is often caused by medication, but it may also be caused by liver issues or dehydration. Urinary tract or kidney infections may cause urine that is cloudy white, and dark brown urine may be caused by certain food, medications or medical conditions. If unusual urine persists, it is recommended that individuals see a doctor.

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