Where Is a Colostomy Bag Placed in the Body?


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A patient wears a colostomy bag or pouch outside of the body, where it attaches to the abdomen, according to MedlinePlus. The person undergoes surgery to have a section of the large intestine attached to a drainage opening, or stoma, in the abdominal wall, rerouting waste out of the body.

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A colostomy bag collects stool when a stoma is necessary to replace normal bowel function that is impaired by disease, infection, obstructions or injuries, MedlinePlus states. One- and two-piece pouches are available in a variety of styles to accommodate an individual's lifestyle and the shape and location of the stoma, the American Cancer Society notes. All pouches contain an adhesive barrier that protects the skin around the stoma. Many pouches have upper and lower openings for easy emptying without complete removal, while other pouches have a single opening and must be detached from the stoma after use.

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