What Color Should Urine Be in a Healthy Person?


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Healthy urine ranges in color from pale yellow to amber and is dependent on a pigment known as urochrome, according to Mayo Clinic. The color is also dependent on the concentration of the urine.

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There are certain substances, such as compounds and pigments, that may change the color of urine, explains Mayo Clinic. For example, foods such as berries, beets or fava beans may affect urine color. There are also a number of medications that can affect urine color and turn it bright yellow, red or even greenish blue. Some colors of urine, such as dark red or brown, may be a sign of disease.

A person should seek medical attention when his urine turns dark amber as it may be a sign of dehydration, especially if he is sick or knows he has not had enough liquids, notes Mayo Clinic. A person should also seek out medical attention if urine has blood in it. Bloody urine may be a sign of kidney stones or a urinary tract infection, and in these cases, it is commonly associated with pain. Bloody urine that is painless may be a sign of cancer. Orange urine may be a sign of liver issues, especially if it accompanies light-colored stool and yellow skin.

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