What Is Colon Resection Surgery?


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Colon resection surgery takes out part of the colon or at least some of its tissue. Two conditions that warrant a colon resection are colorectal cancer and diverticulitis, During a resection, the surgeon removes the affected parts of an organ or intestine, according to WebMD.

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After removing the affected portion of the colon or bowel, the surgeon attaches the remaining portions. Sometimes the surgeon has to conduct multiple procedures, depending on the points of the bowel that are affected by disease or infection. In between multiple resections, the surgeon may sew the higher part of the intestine to an opening in the abdominal skin, which comprises a colostomy, but this is generally a temporary condition until the surgeon reconnects the intestine, according to WebMD.

When the colon resection is part of a cancer treatment, the removal of tissue may extend to the rectum and other areas in the abdomen. The surgeon often takes out lymph nodes in the area and tests them for cancer, and in the meantime, he sews the healthy portions of the rectum or colon back together. The resection is then completed by laparascopy or by opening up the abdomen and completing an open resection, as stated by WebMD.

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