How Do You Colon Cleanse in Three Days?


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Colon cleansing in a short time is done by performing an enema, in which fluid is introduced into the colon with a special tool and is used to clear out the colon of solid mass. Avoiding solid food is necessary for this process when done for medical reasons.

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Colon cleansing is a practice that has existed since the days of ancient Greece in one form or another. Today, modern tools exist to perform colon cleansing safely. These tools can directly clear out the mass in the intestines in a very short period of time as compared to the use of laxatives or other medicines. However, performing a colon cleansing should be done with great care, because its risks may outweigh possible benefits.

Colon cleansing can cause imbalanced electrolytes or other medical issues even when done properly. When done improperly, colon cleansing can damage the colon or intestines and make the person receiving the treatment very sick. Consulting with a doctor is the best way to determine whether a colon cleansing is necessary and what the best method is.

Colon cleansing is sometimes done before medical procedures or surgeries that involve the colon or intestines. Fecal matter can create infections and other issues if not cleared out beforehand. A doctor may recommend certain methods of colon cleansing before one of these operations for the safety of the patient.

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