How Do You Take Colloidal Silver?


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Topical application is the safest way to use colloidal silver, reports NewsMaxHealth. Oral consumption and injection are also common, but research remains inconclusive on the safety of internal use.

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In 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined colloidal silver to be unsafe and unproven. Since then, product sales have continued but are not approved by the FDA, notes WebMD.

Despite this lack of regulation, colloidal silver remains a popular homeopathic remedy. People use colloidal silver to treat several ailments, including cancer, herpes, HIV/AIDS and shingles, states Mayo Clinic. Many people use colloidal silver to boost the immune system and fight off common bacterial infections. When used topically, colloidal silver can fight acne, burns and common infections of the eyes, throat and skin. Colloidal silver is also an effective treatment for staphylococcus bacteria, according to WebMD.

Colloidal silver products can also be injected into the skin. Extended use of colloidal silver can cause build up in the body's tissues, warns WebMD. This results in a condition known as argyria, which is distinguished by discoloration of the eyes, internal organs, skin, nails and gums. Excessive use of colloidal silver can cause more serious complications such as kidney damage and seizures, although these concerns are rare. Like any medication, colloidal silver may interact with other drugs, so individuals should always consult a doctor before use.

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