What Is Collagen C?


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Collagen C is typically sold in supplement form and is a combination of the protein collagen and vitamin C. According to the Vitamin C Foundation, vitamin C is essential to the manufacture of collagen, and, therefore, both substances are good for the immune system, joints and skin.

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According to an article that was written by the noted scientist Linus Pauling and presented by the Vitamin C Foundation, collagen is a protein that is found abundantly in the skin, blood vessels, eyes, heart and teeth. According to the researcher, collagen is made up of strong white fibers that are stronger than a steel wire of comparable weight. He states that elastin combines with substances known as mucopolysaccharides to form the body's connective tissues, which keeps everything intact.

Dr. Pauling adds that there are two major reasons that vitamin C is required for health. First, the body needs a large amount of collagen to replace the collagen that is degraded by wear-and-tear, and, second, vitamin C, which is the catalyst for collagen production, is destroyed as the result of collagen wear-and-tear.

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