What Are Some Cold Medicines for People With High Blood Pressure?

Those with high blood pressure can take over-the-counter cold medicines that do not contain decongestants, according to WebMD. Coricidin HBP is a cold medicine specifically for individuals with high blood pressure, although Drugs.com recommends contacting a physician when taking it along with any other type of medication.

A pain reliever such as acetaminophen is a useful cold medicine for those with high blood pressure, explains Mayo Clinic. Decongestants can actually increase blood pressure, so it is necessary to avoid taking them. While some cold medicines do not contain decongestants, they may contain other drugs such as dextromethorphan, which may be dangerous for those with high blood pressure if taken in excessive dosages. It is important to strictly follow dosage instructions from the drug manufacturer. Individuals with high blood pressure should check with their doctors before taking any cold medicines, cautions WebMD.