What Is Cold Laser Treatment for Smoking Cessation?


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Cold laser treatment for smoking cessation is a treatment meant to reduce the urge to smoke for individuals attempting to quit smoking. Cold laser treatment uses tactics similar to acupuncture therapy.

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What Is Cold Laser Treatment for Smoking Cessation?
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During cold laser smoking cessation therapy, clinicians use low-level lasers to pinpoint specific points on the body to help reduce the desire to smoke. Occasionally, the points targeted during therapy are similar to the points triggered when treating arthritis. During sessions, the laser targets triggers points on the hands, face and wrists.

This treatment works by signaling the body to release endorphins similar to the endorphins released when an individual smokes a cigarette. In addition, the lasers stimulate pressure points associated with metabolism, stress and appetite. Cold laser treatment is not a cure for smoking, but instead works as an aid to help smokers more easily endure the difficult initial period when they quit smoking.

Cold laser treatment has several benefits beyond helping alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from smoking. The treatment also prevents other unwanted side effects from quitting, such as weight gain. In addition, cold laser treatment works like acupuncture to help stimulate the metabolism and suppress appetite to lessen the potential weight gain caused by quitting.

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