What Is Cold Laser Therapy for Knees?


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Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment that can stimulate the muscles, nerves and all other cell types and treat conditions such as knee pain, back pain and arthritis pain, according to Spine-Health. The procedure uses particular light wavelengths to interact with tissue and speed the healing process.

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Cold laser therapy helps improve functionality, control spasms, and alleviate pain and swelling in people with severe conditions, states Spine-Health. The treatment involves the use of handheld devices called cold lasers, which are about the size of a flashlight. Doctors place a cold laser on the affected region for 30 seconds to several minutes based on the dose delivered by the cold laser unit and the size of the injured area.

The FDA has approved certain low-level laser devices for relieving muscle and joint pain, arthritis-related stiffness, pain associated with muscle spasms, and neck pain, says Spine-Health. The laser devices can also alleviate pain in the lower back and pain in the hand and wrist caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cold laser therapy does not require a surgical incision or oral medications. It does not result in severe side effects and involves faster recovery time, notes Spine-Health. The main disadvantage is that patients need to undergo eight to 30 treatment sessions as they usually do not experience complete pain relief after the initial treatment.

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