Does Coffee Make You Fat?


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Drinking coffee excessively can lead to a metabolic change that encourages the body to retain fat more easily. A study in Australia found that this shift occurs in people who drink more than five or six cups of coffee daily. The data was gleaned from tests on mice, who also developed insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels.

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Coffee beverages that contain additives such as cream, sugar, milk and flavored syrups are certainly responsible for weight gain. As of 2014, cappuccinos and lattes continue to grow in popularity, thanks to the public's trending visits to stores such as Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks, and 31 percent of people purchasing coffee actually buy calorie-laden drinks. Many caffeinated products are sold as weight-loss supplements, but some studies that have looked at the issue have found no evidence to support the claim that caffeine promotes fat burning.

Studies do show that plain coffee has beneficial effects on the body when consumed in smaller quantities. These benefits include reducing a person's risk of developing Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the American Heart Association published results from a March 2013 study that found a link between caffeine consumption and a decreased risk of experiencing a stroke.

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