Does Coconut Oil Help the Thyroid?

Although no conclusive medical evidence exists and many people with a thyroid disorder require medical treatment regardless of diet, coconut oil is among a list of foods containing healthy fats that enhance hormone production in the thyroid gland, states Nadia Haris for SFGate. Coconut oil purportedly boosts thyroid function.

According to Doctor Oz with medical directors of Inner Source Health, consumption of coconut oil has a number of medical benefits that keep the heart healthy and the body running at peak performance. One of these benefits is increased function of the thyroid, thereby increasing energy, endurance and metabolism.

Nadia Haris for SFGate reports that this increased function of the thyroid is due to healthy fats (found not only in coconut oil but also in olive, linseed and canola oil as well as sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and cashews) that boost hormone production and protect the gland. While proper nutrition, including coconut oil as a supplement, can help maintain thyroid health and performance, it is best to consult a doctor, especially for those who have an existing thyroid disorder and may require medical treatment. Those interested in adding coconut oil to their diet should discuss this with their physician to discover if the choice is right for them.