What does coconut oil pulling therapy cure?


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Coconut oil pulling therapy claims to cure bad breath by fighting unicellular microorganisms that inhibit the mouth. Some studies have shown that coconut pulling therapy may also prevent tooth decay.

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Coconut oil pulling therapy is a type of traditional Indian system that has been around for centuries. Two ancient Indian texts refer to the practice of using oils in the mouth for its health benefits.

Coconut oil pulling therapy is considered to be a natural way to enhance oral health. The first technique involves switching a small amount of coconut oil in the mouth for approximately 20 minutes and spitting it out. The second technique involves holding the oil still in the mouth for a few minutes, spitting it out and repeating the process.

This therapy is used for oral hygiene because it helps against plaque, gingivitis and other microorganisms that contribute to bad breath. During coconut oil pulling therapy, cells covered with fatty acids come into contact with one another and bond with oil.

Coconut oil is more effective than other oils because it contains an acid well-known for its anti-microbial properties and may prevent cavities. Coconut oil pulling therapy also helps strengthen gums.

Coconut oil pulling therapy is not a substitute for routine dental visits, brushing or flossing. It does not reverse existing cavities. It is merely a supplemental therapy. Coconut oil pulling therapy can have negative side effects for individuals who do not use the techniques properly.

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