How Does Co-Q10 Help High Cholesterol?


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In certain cases, CoQ10 supplements seem to counter side effects of statin drugs, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Though statin medications reduce cholesterol, they also lower CoQ10 levels, and this substance is needed to turn food into energy. Supplements bring CoQ10 back to normal levels.

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CoQ10 also sometimes diminishes muscle pain connected to statin use, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. In certain patients, statins also cause muscle cell deterioration, explains Healthline. CoQ10 supplements appear to limit this muscular decline. Though people with high cholesterol tend to also have low levels of CoQ10, there is not yet proof CoQ10 supplements themselves directly fight high cholesterol, warns the University of Maryland Medical Center. Further research is also needed to determine the effects of CoQ10 on high blood pressure, macular degeneration and chronic fatigue syndrome, notes Healthline.

Since CoQ10 is available as a supplement and not a medication, it is not standardized by the Food and Drug Administration, advises Healthline. Therefore, there are no specific FDA regulations controlling its manufacture or sale, states the National Cancer Institute. The primary side effect of CoQ10 supplements is upset stomach, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. In some individuals, CoQ10 lowers blood sugar levels, so anyone with diabetes should consult with a doctor before taking the supplements. CoQ10 also interacts with many medications, such as blood thinners, beta blockers and some antidepressants.

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