What Are Cluster Migraines?


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Cluster headaches, often called the worst type of headache pain, are severe headaches on one side of the head that happen in groups, states WebMD. Cluster headaches usually occur over weeks or months and come in cycles, called cluster periods.

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What Are Cluster Migraines?
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Cluster headache pain is a severe burning or piercing on one side of the head that spreads out from the temple and eye, explains WebMD. Often the eye becomes puffy, red or watery, and the eyelid may droop. A runny or stuffy nose may develop on the same side of the head. The pain intensifies quickly, within five to 10 minutes after the start of the headache, and can continue for 15 minutes or longer. Cluster headaches can be debilitating and interfere with normal activities and daily routines.

Individuals usually have cluster headaches at the same time of day each time they experience them and may have up to eight headaches a day, notes WebMD. Most cluster headache sufferers have one or two cluster periods each year lasting one month or longer. Subsequently, it is possible for individuals to go months or years without another cluster headache. As individuals age, they often have progressively longer periods without headaches, and at some point, they may cease altogether. No cause has been determined for cluster headaches, but they run in families.

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