What Are Clip-on Teeth Veneers?


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Clip-on teeth veneers, such as Snap-On Smile, are temporary, noninvasive alternatives to traditional veneers that patients snap into place on top of their natural teeth, explains Corona Village Dental. They consist of removable arches custom designed to fit perfectly and snugly over the patient's teeth, notes Logman Dentistry.

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There are several reasons patients may prefer clip-on, or snap-on, veneers over permanent veneers or other dental appliances, according to Logman Dentistry. They are cheaper than regular veneers and do not require any drilling or shots to receive them. Some patients who are not candidates for dental implants or bridges are sometimes candidates for snap-on veneers, providing an alternative way to disguise missing teeth. The removable arches are also able to cover many cases of misaligned teeth, stained teeth or gaps in between teeth.

The process of receiving snap-on veneers involves choosing a smile color and style, as well as having a dentist take impressions of one's teeth, states Logman Dentistry. The veneers are usually made and ready to wear within a few weeks.

Certain patients are not candidates for snap-on veneers, notes Beverly Hills Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. It is not always possible to construct arches that can fit over very long natural teeth or protruding teeth. Patients with very big gaps in their teeth or who wear braces are also not candidates for removable veneers.

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