How Do You Find Clinics That Offer Free Eye Exams?

How Do You Find Clinics That Offer Free Eye Exams?

Find clinics that offer free eye examinations by researching through the Internet and consulting government or charity organization workers; contacting dental schools is another option. Some government programs provide assistance to people with eye complications, notes the National Eye Institute.

Finding clinics that offer free eye exams may require a combination of strategies in order to find one in the most convenient location.

One option to find free eye exams is by enrolling in government programs, such as Medicare and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Enrollment can take place by applying through a county's local Assistance Office, run by the state's Department of Welfare.

Also consider getting help from non-government organizations, such as Mission Cataract USA, Lions Club International and Vision USA. These organizations provide assistance to individuals who are not able to pay for their eye exams due to financial difficulty, states All About Vision. Visit local offices of these institutions or make contact by phone or online for more information.

Another option is to try contacting dental schools, which often have information on clinics that provide free eye exams. Call or walk into such a school and inquire. In certain cases, the referrals offer free eye exams and treatment.