Are There Any Clinical Results Supporting the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?


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As of 2015, there is insufficient corroborative evidence regarding the therapeutic benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, certain studies show that vinegar can help manage elevated blood sugar levels and obesity, although there is no clinical proof that apple cider vinegar positively impacts metabolic processes, as stated by Healthline.

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Proponents of the curative powers of apple cider vinegar purport that the acidic compound is effective in the treatment of diabetes. However, there is no conclusive scientific literature and consensus among experts to support this claim.

Diabetics are strongly recommended to implement an overall healthy and balanced diet meal plan than rely on apple cider vinegar, as suggested by Dr. Michael Dansinger. The tendency to lose weight from incorporating apple cider vinegar into the diet is also not backed by long-term and large-scale clinical trials, as explained by WebMD.

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