How Do You Clear a Diabetes Meter?


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The method for clearing a diabetes meter depends entirely on the manufacturer of the meter. For the OneTouch UltraMini Meter, the 500 most recent blood sugar test results are stored on the meter, and there is no manual option for deleting results, according to the OneTouch website.

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The UltraMini Meter has a memory mode where the most recent 500 test results are saved automatically and older results are deleted automatically, notes the OneTouch website. On this particular meter, clicking on a single downward facing triangle leads to the memory component of the device where results can be viewed. To protect the meter and its readings, it is important to keep the meter in a place where it is not too hot, too humid, too cold or too high of an altitude, explains the American Diabetes Association.

To help make these saved test results useful, the American Diabetes Association has several recommendations for more accurate testing including washing hands before testing or using alcohol, drying the hands and then testing on the finger. Some people want to test on the forearm or the palm, but these places do not provide current blood glucose levels, states the American Diabetes Association. It is also important to avoid squeezing the finger that has been pricked because this can affect the accuracy of the reading by providing more interstitial fluid than capillary blood.

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