What Is Clear Cell Cancer of the Kidney?


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Also known as renal cell carcinoma, clear cell cancer afflicts tubules that form part of the kidney's filtering system, eMedicineHealth explains. The most prevalent form of kidney cancer in adults, the condition particularly affects men between 50 years and 70 years of age, notes MedlinePlus.

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While the exact causes of clear cell cancer remain unknown, certain factors seem to increase the possibility of developing this condition, eMedicineHealth notes. These include cigarette smoking, which doubles the probability of developing renal cell carcinoma, and obesity, which is a particular risk factor for women. Exposure to certain substances - solvents, asbestos, heavy metals and petroleum products, among others - also heightens the risk of developing the condition.

Conditions such as tuberous sclerosis, cystic renal disease, the Von Hippel-Lindau disease and hereditary renal cancer can also increase the risk of developing clear cell cancer, eMedicineHealth explains. Dialysis treatments and high blood pressure can also heighten the possibility of developing the condition.

Symptoms of clear cell cancer include blood in the urine, a condition also known as hematuria, pain and a noticeable lump on the flank, fatigue, fever and anemia, eMedicineHealth reports. If the cancer metastasizes into other parts of the body, it may cause symptoms such as bone pain. In addition, the cancerous tumors that characterize the condition may release hormones or chemicals known as cytokines and cause liver disorders, muscle weakness and other problems.

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